Auto Frame Repair

Auto Frame Repair in Concord, NC

Safe Repair Starts with the Frame

Structure Matters

Although modern vehicles are works of art that are pretty to behold, the structure that lies beneath matters.  Without a solid and properly functioning frame, your car cannot perform well and may pose a safety risk to you and your passengers.  Fair Repair Auto Body in Concord, North Carolina, believes that the structure of our auto body repair shop matters, too.  We opened more than five years ago with I-CAR-certified technicians with years of combined repair experience and a commitment to integrity.  You can always count on us to be honest about what your automobile does or does not need.  Even better, you won’t need to drive through heavy traffic to find us.  We’re nearby at 2855 B Armentrout Drive Concord, NC 28025 between US 601 and NC 49.  We’re open MON-FRI: 8AM-6PM.  You’re welcome to discuss your vehicle as a walk-in, but making an appointment is an easy option that maximizes your time.  Simply schedule online or telephone us at 704-960-2849.

An Overview of Frame Repair

Think of your vehicle’s frame in the same way you think of your own skeleton.  It holds and supports everything else, adding structural integrity to all the other components.  Typically, your vehicle’s frame will belong to one of two categories–body-on-frame or unibody.  Early vehicles were nearly always body-on-frame, where the body you can see is bolted to the chassis or frame you can’t.  While some vehicles are still produced this way, unibodies, where the frame and body are molded into one piece, are much more common.  Most consider this a safety upgrade, but they’re not always viable options for trucks and large SUVs due to the weight they carry.  It’s important to know that even less-than-catastrophic impacts can wreak havoc on your auto’s frame, particularly in the crumple zones of unibodies.  When you entrust your damaged vehicle to us, we’ll make an accurate, honest assessment.  Repairs are made using a special frame rack where pressure is applied through pushing and pulling to return your car to the safe tolerances allowed by the manufacturer.

The Customer Service You Deserve

At Fair Repair Auto Body, we’re committed to providing you with the level of customer service you deserve, the same as we want for our own family members and friends.  First, be assured that we know what we’re doing.  We’re members of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the Carolina Collision Association.  Furthermore, our business practices are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  If your vehicle can’t reach us, we have towing assistance available.  Other helpful options included concierge service and after-hours drop-off/pick-up. Wifi is available onsite to keep you entertained.  Our warrantied work is sometimes subject to discounts, and we take varied forms of payment and financing.  Take a look at our Specials and Financing pages for additional information.  Play it safe and get treated well with frame repair at Fair Repair.